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Welcome to Morgiewicz Produce

5 Generations of Quality

Morgiewicz Produce has very deep roots in the community it helped to  form. In the late 1800s, Polish immigrant Joseph Morgiewicz, settled in the Florida, NY area. By the early 1900s he began draining the swampland, now known as the fertile “Black Dirt Region”. The soil is the key to a healthy crop. With a natural organic matter content, ranging between 60-90%, it is perhaps the best soil to grow crops because of the plethora of nutrients it holds. The farm has always been family owned and is fast approaching the 5th generation. Brothers Joseph, David, Danny, and their mother Sophie, currently operate the 170-acre farm and sell to 10 different locations of farmers markets throughout Westchester County and New York City. We have established a devoted customer base in all of our locations, growing only vegetables from A-Z. While the retail farm market stands are a relatively new concept to some, Morgiewicz Produce has been making a trusted name in the business for more than 20 years in some of their locations.


Our Background

Morgiewicz Produce Inc. was established in 1905 when Joseph Morgiewicz purchased 5 acres of swamp land from a neighbor in Goshen, NY. Although it wasn't much to look at, Joseph knew that below the water was some of the richest farm land in the world. The farm is located in the Town of Warwick in the heart of Orange County's Black Dirt Region. This was the beginning of a legacy, now in its fourth generation of operation, with the fifth soon approaching.
After decades of doing strictly wholesale markets, in 1997 mother Sophie and sons, Joe, David and Danny began growing crops for retail markets. Now over 100 varieties are grown including sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, and many greens. Operating on over 165 acres of land, every crop is directly supervised from the time its planted, to the time its sold. 
Morgiewicz Produce has always strived for perfection and providing customers with the best quality at an affordable price. We hope to provide New York with the same produce customers know us for, for years to come.

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Morgiewicz Produce is committed to exceeding your expectations of quality. Questions, comments or looking for seasonal employment? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate in reaching out today.

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